Dutch Conceptual Artist, Claire Droppert, Employs NFTs to Explore the Sound of Silence

Claire Dopperton NFT

Photography offers artists and amateurs alike the ability to pluck a moment out of time and hold it as sacred and special. Claire Droppert, a conceptual photographer based in Rotterdam in The Netherlands, harvests moments that invite the viewer to pause, honoring the atmosphere of serenity and silence.

From her first Pentax camera to her time studying and working as a Graphic Designer, Claire dove into the spellbinding world of conceptual imagery.

Claire explains that each of her pieces begins on the foundation of profound reflection. She captures moments in time that speak to her deeply. Each piece starts as a thought. “By adopting this approach to my photography, I feel it maximizes emotion and the true meaning within my work,” Droppert tells NFTsDaily.com.

Claire’s work has been featured by media including ABC News, Collateral, Wired, Adobe and Huffington Post. One can find her most often on Instagram at @claireonline.

When Claire Droppert heard about the world of NFTs, she knew she had an opportunity to explore interpreting her works into moving stills where she activates portions of her photography in loopable animations. 

 “I wanted to make them levitate, hanging freely in the air. Like they would do in space, without any gravity. I created the animation, “Flower Power | Mount Hood,”  in Adobe Photoshop, moving and transforming layer by layer. It took quite a while before I found all the right movements I wanted, but I’m happy with the result.”

She was encouraged to present her work in the NFT space, but had never heard of it before. Claire knew that finding anyone in the Netherlands that could help her was going to be difficult so she started investigating what it would take to start the process. She joined NFT conversations on Clubhouse and within a week listed her first NFT. She now has her 1/1 unique editions available in her collection on Foundation. Claire loves the fact that the space is community curated. 

With new works on the way, Claire Droppert is using the vehicle of NFTs to push the boundaries of her own process and begin to bring awareness to meaningful charitable projects. 

Here she describes her genesis NFT, “Calm Before the Storm”:

“I am often to be found on the beach since I live nearby. This time I went there in the early morning, while the weather was absolutely calm. I tried to translate the same mood in this moving still, that I felt right at that moment when I took the picture. The still contains all the elements that are very characteristic in my work. The solitude, the tranquillity, and the distinguished silence. That is why I wanted this to be my first piece, it reflects me in a way, being in a dreamy world.”

That dreamy world definitely comes across in Claire Droppert’s installations. They are mesmerizing and invite the viewer to pause in these handpicked moments of silence.


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