Platinum Recording Artist Dyl Releases His Limited Crypto Rich Deluxe NFT

Just last month virtually nobody had heard of the term non-fungible token (NFT), but in the past several weeks with celebrities, artists and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Grimes, and Beeple jumping into the space, it seems as though you can’t open a newspaper or browse social media without hearing about the innovative new technology that is taking the art space by storm.

One such artist who has been at the forefront of both the cryptocurrency and NFT space is Platinum recording artist Dyl.  Dyl, known best for his Platinum hit single Jordan Belfort, has entered the NFT space with the release of his 1-of-100 Crypto Rich Deluxe NFT album.

The collectible album, not only provides fans with Dyl’s world-famous music, but also with a lifetime membership to his VIP Program that includes a meet & greet at his shows, a Dyl merchandise airdrop, exclusive ways to get in touch with Dyl, and more.

What’s unique about Dyl’s genesis NFT drop is the way in which he is releasing it on NFT marketplace Rarible.  It features an increasing price format where early supporters will get the collectible for a lower price than those who purchase the NFT later.  This increasing price structure, combined with the ability to resell the collectible, means early supporters have the potential to see their NFTs increase in value in the future.  When all 100 editions sell out, the only way to obtain a copy will be through the secondary market.

“I’ve been trying to work crypto into my art for years—I went all in on Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2016,” Dyl tells  “That’s what originally inspired the Crypto Rich album. When I saw the recent buzz around NFTs, I knew it was time to implement a collectible product with a VIP Program. I’ve always known crypto could be used in this way. That’s why I got involved.”

This is only the beginning of Dyl’s leap into the NFT space, as he is also working on a large
collaborative project for Crypto Rich Deluxe with 19 individual artists. Each artist will match up with a song from the Crypto Rich Deluxe album—which is 19 songs total—to do a unique work inspired by the music.
Stay tuned!

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