The ‘Zombie Stars’ Rise From the Dead and into the World of NFTs

Collectible trading cards have been around for a couple centuries now, but within the last few years, they’ve been gradually making their way out of the physical realm and into the digital world of NFTs. Now, thanks to two Russian artists, every lover of the undead can collect their favorite zombies.

Artists Basil and Alex bring ‘Zombie Stars‘ to the world of NFTs, via marketplaces Rarible and OpenSea.  And they are frighteningly stunning!

So far the two talented artists have created 25 different cards, with an ultimate goal of releasing 333 different zombies by the end of the year.  “We love Zombies so we decided to make something with them,” Basil tells  

The idea for these collectible digital trading cards was inspired by another collectible NFT series called the Rarebit Bunnies, and in the first week alone, 15 NFT zombies have been sold.  All 333 of the zombies will have their own individual personalities, inspired by crypto culture and digital art, and each of them will fit into one of ten different zombie classes which include:  Basic, Hero, Country, Artist, Iconic, Politician, Animal, Painter, Art, or Unique.

Basil tells us that he has fallen in love with the NFT space because of the generosity and support they have seen from the community.


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