Mark Hitosis’ BLOCKHEAD NFTs are Mysteriously Fascinating

The recent surge of NFTs on the internet has given relatively unknown artists with extraordinary digital talent, an opportunity of a lifetime in order to make a name for themselves. For one young Asian man, named Mark Hitosis, digital art has always been a hobby.

Hitosis seems to have found his niche in creating digital artwork and then tokenizing it into Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). His creation, the “BLOCKHEAD,” is available to collect exclusively on NFT marketplace Rarible.

Hitosis’ inspiration for BLOCKHEADs came from his love for creating stylish 3D characters and “awesome street-wear.”

“I’ve always loved character art ever since I was a kid,” Hitosis tells “My main influences growing up were a ton of heavy music, Metal Gear, fantasy art, and Japanese Street Fashion. I wanted to create this model with the intent of making a stylish hard core virtual band starting with their front man BLOCKHEAD.”

Hitosis says that he loves the idea of NFTs, and says that the market concept of NFTs feels very interesting to him. “The main thing that inspired me is the amount of creative freedom you can have and the thrill of finding someone interested on your creative vision,” Hitosis tells us.

Being a musician, as well as a fan of the band Deftones, Hitosis wanted to draw up a visual aspect for the music, and created a virtual band based on some concepts from the Deftones’ song ‘Goon Squad’. He then made “BLOCKHEAD” as the front man for this virtual band before proceeding to create the other 3 band members.

Currently three versions of BLOCKHEAD are available on Rarible, but Hitosis tells us that the other three band members will be added to the collection soon.

Hitosis has already sold several of his BLOCKHEADs, but there are still some available for purchase on Rarible. So far he’s loving the concept of NFTs.

“NFTs are liberating,” he says. “It gave everyone a chance to create something that is not only for their artistic satisfaction but also to hopefully cater to those who can connect with their art. Right now I mainly create, but I did buy some NFTs from friends and hopefully will grow my content and collection in the future .”