Jack Dorsey is Selling His First Tweet as an NFT for Over $600,000.

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has entered the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by selling his first tweet in digital form on the website Valuables.

The tweet by Dorsey was made on March 21, 2006, and simply reads “just setting up my twttr.”

So far the highest offer Dorsey has received has been $600,000 by Bridge Oracle and Cryptoland CEO Sina Estavi, for the digital tweet as well as an autograph by Dorsey himself. Estavi isn’t the only person who values this piece of internet property as something worth buying. Rainberry, Inc. CEO, Justin Sun who founded the cryptocurrency platform TRON also offered Dorsey $500,000 for the tweet.

The ownership of the tweet is in NFT form (digitized token), but will not give the new owner the right to delete the tweet from the Twitter platform.

Jack Dorsey is not the only person selling his tweets on this new platform. Literally thousands of tweets have already been sold for anywhere from a few pennies to several thousand dollars. Apparently there is a market for these NFT tweets.

The idea behind the Valuables website is that social media platforms are making a killing off of our content, thus they want to give the actual creators of the content (you, me, and whoever else posts on Twitter) the ability to claim their content and then sell it to others.

Apparently some people value Jack Dorsey’s first 5 words on Twitter to be worth over half-a-million dollars.