Alyshah Monroe’s ‘Hoe Headz’ NFT Collection – Inspired by music

Art comes in many forms, by many different types of people. Now, thanks to the blockchain, thousands of tech savvy artists have been given a new outlet for their “crypto-art,” in the form of NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens).

Some artists create music, while others create visually enticing masterpieces. For one young artist named Alyshah Monroe, it’s a little bit of both.

Monroe, a 22 year-old multi-talented artist from Orange County, California, currently resides in Leeds, UK. She tells that she has used recent COVID-19 lockdowns to advance her artistic knowledge and skills.

“At the moment I spend most of my time making music, digital art, and cute outfits with my sewing machine. I have a lot of plans in store for this year,” explained Monroe. “The 2020 lockdowns restricted me a lot but it also gave me more motivation to create and develop new skills.”

One such skill is the creation of NFTs. Using her own talent and new skills, she has created what she calls her “$HEADZ collection” (Hoe Headz), which is currently available on NFT marketplace Rarible.

“For my $HEADZ collection, I use a different selfie every time to draw the head and I use one of the songs I’ve written to inspire a theme for the head,” Monroe tells us. “I love to create different things but I have only released music so far. ‘Hoe Headz‘ is the first venture where I am expanding the world of Alyshah Monroe.”

For example, ‘Hoe Headz: 002 Nunya Bizness Bish‘ depicts a headshot of Monroe, wearing a nun’s veil, which is inspired by a music video she created several months ago, entitled “Bless Me“.

While the ‘Hoe Headz’ collection is still in progress, Monroe has already sold multiple copies of her first two creations.

“I definitely have way more $HEADZ to come and I will probably dabble with audio NFT’s too. I have more ideas and NFT projects coming but I don’t want to give them away just yet. I will definitely be trying to bring something totally new to the space in the coming months put it that way. “

We can’t wait!


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