‘The Drippies™’ Aim to Take the NFT World by Storm

It seems as if the art world has gained a popular new sidekick in the form of non-fungible tokens, known as NFTs. NFTs exist on the blockchain and allow talented artists (and even not-so-talented artists) to publish their digital art, tokenize it, and then reap the rewards by offering it for sale on various online marketplaces, if they choose.

One artist, by the name of Florian Tappeser, fell in love with the idea. “I love technology and usually I’m an early adopter,” Tappeser tells NFTsDaily.com.

So what did Tappeser do? He created the awe-inspiring Drippies™ in digital form.

Drippies™ • Season 01 • #002 – PUFFY MAGG

After spending hours upon hours on the new social media application Clubhouse, Tappeser learned more about the intricate and amazing world of NFTs via a movement he created with friends. Tappeser, is one of the moderators for the NFTs.tips Clubhouse group, where literally anyone can get into the non-fungible groove.

Having done an immense amount of work within the fields of 3D digital art and animation, including working on films such as Hotel Transylvania, The Queen’s Corgi, Bigfoot Family and How To Train Your Dragon, Tappeser decided to bring some of his ideas to life.

“Recently I dove deeper into the topic of NFTs and thought that would be the perfect moment to create some of my characters and ideas that have been floating in my head for a while and actually make it happen without the need of actual physical production,” Tappeser explained. “Although I also want to create the Drippies™ in the physical world soon as well as AR / VR and metaverses.”

Since listing the Drippies™ on the Rarible and Opensea marketplaces, Tappeser’s creations have been selling like hot cakes.

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The Drippies™ as listed on Opensea.io

“My first drop sold slowly but I didn’t give up and consistently built a community and tried to deliver value on all channels,” said Tappeser. “I just released my third drop and it sold out in seconds. I’m so incredibly grateful and humbled. Thank you to all my collectors and supporters.”

Drippies™ • Season 01 • #003 – GOLDEN MAGG • SE

The NFT world has become a haven for independent artists who aim to create a name for themselves, and from the looks of it Tappeser has done just that!