The ‘Gridiron Goofs’ NFT Collectibles, Merge Football with Comedy in the Most Entertaining Way

Collectible sports cards have been popular for centuries.  Whether it’s a Mickey Mantle Rookie Card valued at over $5 million or a “common” football card of a player who never really made it, each and every card has a place in some collectors’ hearts.

With the introduction of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) to the digital space, we are now beginning to see trading cards make their way onto the blockchain, fetching thousands of dollars for cards you can’t even touch.  It’s the 21st century, and, well, that’s how things are apparently now done.

For sports enthusiast, attorney and podcast comedian John Solis, the Gridiron Goofs emerged as his idea for the future of trading cards.  With a large audience of sports enthusiasts who tune into his podcast weekly, Solis decided it was time to leap into the NFT space with a creation of his own.

In doing so he created a limited series of trading cards that parodies many of our favorite professional football players, in a comedic yet intuitive way.

“My friends and I are huge football fans,” Solis tells  “Parody has a rich history in the collectible space and these ‘Gridiron Goofs’ are football parodies at heart.  The hope is that collectors will see the Goofs and something will resonate or make them laugh.  I was a reluctant Top Shot guy, and then a dyed-in-the-wool Top Shot guy.  We’ve sold a lot so far; I have a small football-related audience already from our podcast; they seem to like the Goofs.”

Each limited Gridiron Goofs player card comes in 4 different versions: Rare (Disco Gold – limited to 25), Platinum (Ice Blue – limited to 10), Iconic (Blaze Red – limited to 5, and Mythic (Galaxy Purple – limited to just 1).

Solis is an NFT collector himself who says that he tends to target items that are of high scarcity.

“When you get into the art itself, I like NFTs that evoke emotion in the collector,” Solis explained.  “Good NFTs are interesting on their own. I host a late night sports comedy podcast.  My cohost developed an NFT and started making a shitload of money almost immediately.  And then I realized, ‘hey wait a minute – I also love making a shitload of money,” Solis joked.

Currently there are 5 different players available in the Gridiron Goofs collection with many more fan-favorites coming soon.  All are available on the OpenSea marketplace.



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