Through Unique Concept, BitBones is Bringing 1000 NFT Skeletons to the Blockchain

As with any trade, artists’ skills become more refined as they gain more experience.  Dustin Johnson, a 32-year-old lifelong artist knows that over time his abilities keep improving, so he wanted to create an NFT project that could show the world his growth.  That’s where Bitbones comes into play.

“I’m driven by the quest to grow my skills and take them to the next level,” Johnson tells “You have to test yourself with new trials all the time or else you’ll become stagnant and bored with your work. I always strive to make my newest art piece better and more different than the last so that I can continue to hone my style. Bitbones is a collection of cute/creepy NFT’s that I developed to try to express my talents”

Bitbones not only is a publicly displayed challenge to Johnson, but it’s also his attempt to share with the world a cool, fun, collectible series of skulls. Johnson draws all of his Bitbones pixel by pixel.  The very first skull is just a bare-bones skeleton, but each iteration thereafter becomes more and more detailed, until the 1000th skeleton is released.

“New accessories are added with each batch to continue making unique Bitbones,” Johnson tells us. “The idea behind Bitbones is for everybody to have one that they can relate with. There will 1000 different Bitbones created, and all are one of a kind. Each one has traits that someone will be able to relate to. I want people to connect to them like they would to a favorite collectible figurine, video game, or other cherished possession.”

So far Johnson has released 2 batches of 100 Bitbones, and almost all of them have already sold out.  Johnson loves the NFT community, but didn’t always meet the idea of NFTs with open arms.

“I had read about NFT’s a while ago and brushed it off as a tiny blip of a fad,” he says. “Boy was I wrong. Once I started digging into it again, I had a better understanding beyond just the face value that I had brushed it off as before. There’s so much more going on in the NFT community than just selling your product. The amazing community of artists is my favorite part of this adventure. Every day I feel like I’m walking through a different museum seeing so many amazing pieces of art scrolling down my computer screen.”

Johnson not only creates NFT art, but he’s also a collector, trying to pinpoint the ones that he believes will increase in value over time.  He is taking the majority of the revenue that he brings in through the sale of his BitBones and reinvesting it back into other NFTs.

Currently Bitbones are exclusively available on the OpenSea marketplace.


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