Henric Aryee Aims to ‘Question the Human Condition’ in His Phenomenal NFT Art

The non-fungible token (NFT) craze is not just a regional or local buzz.  The phenomenon is taking place all around the globe.  For one artist named Henric Aryee in Stockholm, Sweden, NFTs have allowed him to tokenize some of his incredible work, all while inspiring him with the potential that this technology provides.

“I have been painting and drawing my whole life, and I’m obsessed with all of the different ways marks can be made on paper or on canvas, both physical and digital,” Aryee tells NFTsDaily.com. “I draw my influences from lots of different movements throughout art history. From the renaissance, to abstract expressionism, and all the way up to contemporary art. As a painter one of my main goals is to combine different aesthetics into my work. To make Raphael and Baquiat coexist on one canvas—with a bit of sci fi and anime thrown in as well. In terms of subject matter I love to bring up questions about current events, or the human condition as a whole.”

This can be seen in some of the incredible NFTs that Aryee has already minted on OpenSea, including “Bitcoin Angel 2.0,” St. Bieber and the UFO,” and “Snoop Doge.”

Bitcoin Angel 2.0 was born out of the idea that cryptocurrency has come to liberate humanity from an oppressive monetary system, while St. Bieber and the UFO, is inspired by the idea of celebrity worship.  As for Snoop Doge, Aryee admits that it’s not a very deep piece, but he wanted to artistically describe his own visual take on the Snoop Doge meme.

Each and every piece of Aryee’s work is unique in its own way, as anyone viewing his art can see.  He is currently working on a new series of paintings concerning the revolution of cryptocurrency that is taking place around the world today.

“I literally discovered this whole world of NFT art about a week ago,” says Aryee who is also a collector of NFT art.  “But I have been feeling incredibly inspired since learning about everything that is going on in this space. It has the potential to create avenues for so many artists that otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance. I also hope and believe it will bring art collecting and ownership to the masses, when it has traditionally always been reserved for the elite.”

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