Daniel Taylor’s ‘Glitch and the Glyph’ NFTs are Mesmerizing

The human mind is an interesting thing.  No two minds are alike.  None of us receive and decipher information from our senses in the exact same way that any other person does.  This idea is what makes some art so fascinating.

Meet Daniel Taylor.  He’s a digital artist based in Chicago.

“I immerse myself in nature, as well as city hum, then translate the wide open expanse of overwhelming details into digital vibrance,” Taylor tells NFTsDaily.com. “My work is an attempt to understand, remember and communicate my internal and exterior worlds. They are made from two contrasting ideas: The glitch and the glyph.  The interaction between them describes the way I see and think. The glyphs are the drawings, a language of symbols to trace structures and relationships, and ‘glitch’ refers to the highly saturated and complex textures, inspired by the jarring images and sounds generated by failing technology. Each will sometimes stand on its own, but the glyph is the origin, and the synthesis is my attempt to communicate and remember.”

It all sounds extremely confusing and deep until you actually see Taylor’s art.  Then your confusion suddenly turns into a mesmerizing stare of complete understanding.  The animation that the digital space provides Taylor definitely brings a trait to his art that could not normally be seen within physical art.

Taylor sees the world around himself as a network of interlocking systems.  The structural and holographic awareness became so exhausting to Taylor that he started making drawings to express what he explains as “the inundating vision with refinement, through the gentler lens.”

“I am drawn to super-saturated, impressionistic images, but the complex textures in my work start as simple drawings that capture the moment or concept, and then a layered digital painting follows which is then filtered through a variety of image processing tools,” explains Taylor.  “I comb through hundreds of iterations to select the right combination.”

Through the release of his NFT collection, exclusively on OpenSea, he has brought these layers to life.  NFTs have given Taylor an opportunity to share his artwork with the world, while allowing his collectors to see the same depth and motion that he sees when creating each piece.  He’s also very fond of using NFTs to put his creations on the blockchain where they can remain a “lasting thing of beauty.”

And yes, they are a lasting thing of beauty.


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