Digital Mars House is the First NFT in the World to Sell at a Price Point Over $500,000

The new owner paid digital artist Krista Kim 288 Ether, a cryptocurrency equivalent to $514,557.79, for the virtual property Mars House.

Digital Mars House is the First NFT sold at a Price Point Over $500,00.

Mars House, created in 2020 during the COVID-19 shutdown,becomes the first digital home ever sold for over $500,000. In exchange, the buyer will receive 3D files of his or her “Metaverse.”

The Metaverse is a space made of virtual worlds, Augmented reality, and the internet. The visual land can be bought and traded.

Mars House is just one of the many NFT art pieces that many art and tech enthusiasts are thrilled about and ready to spend some serious money on.

In Arch Daily, creator Krista Kim says, “As a Techism artist, I am challenging the power of NFT as an art medium. Mars House will live forever as an NFT, so let it represent an art movement for humanity through the power of digital technology. Let this remind future generations that we are here to create a new and better world at a pivotal time in history. ” We are ready to change the world.”

This space is created as a healing atmosphere. The Digital house is constructed of somber lights, futuristic furniture, a panoramic view of the red rocks of Mars, and music by Smashing Pumpkins Jeff Schroeder playing in the background. The property is considered a light sculpture; its unique qualities also include an LED lighted virtual pool. Kim states,” I want this space to showcase my passion for Meditative Design, a new definition of avant-garde luxury for the digital age.”

Kim believes this is a digital way to heal through the art of technology. As the virtual world grows in demand during these extraordinary times, we will see just how much you will pay for a piece of serenity.


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