One Man’s Love for Dogs Brings Pixelated CryptoDogs to the NFT Space

Many artists use their talents to create work that is inspired by their inner feelings.  For artist Stefano, his introduction to NFTs has allowed him to spend hours a day combining two things that are very close to his heart: 1) Pixel art and 2) Dogs.

The results?  Meet the CryptoDogs!

“I’m a very eclectic creator, I like pixel art but also abstract art, a certain kind of pop art and a certain kind of sci-fi,” Stefano tells  “CryptoDogs is a project that was born out of my love for animals and dogs.”

Stefano spends 18 hours a day creating new artwork for this project. He works alongside his girlfriend and good friend to create these cute, cuddly, pixelated, animated creatures which are currently available on NFT marketplace Rarible.

“We have just added the classification of accessories which are now split into rarity classes,” Stefano tells us.  “The strength of this project in my opinion is to combine a Rarity Raking that wants to be similar to the self-generated projects but to propose 999+1 pieces absolutely unique and different from each others. Every CryptoDogs is a little piece of art.”

So far Stefano has minted 111 different CryptoDogs with hundreds more in the pipeline.  While this project will consume much of his time in the near future, this is just the start for Stefano, who has bigger plans within the NFT space in the months ahead.

“I would like to revolutionize the world of long-distance pet adoptions through NFT, to broaden the experience of digital adoption by linking it to a real dog/animals,” he says.

So far the CryptoDogs have been quite a hit with the NFT collectors community, as dozens have already been sold.  Stefano is not only an artist who enjoys creating NFTs, but he’s also an NFT collector himself.  He also enjoys trading his creations for other artists’ creations.


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