Misha Milovanovich Unveils New Sculptures in London Gallery Dellasposa, The Shape of Colour NFT

The Unveiling of Misha Milovanovich’s new sculptures, titled The Shape of Colour, will be at Dellasposa Gallery in London. Misha will display a digital presentation in render format before the Dellasposa Gallery physical exhibition of The Shape of Colour. It has been two years in the making for the Belgrade-born artist. The sculptural influences are a fusion of theoretical and art historical makings, with her aesthetic blends of styles and unique techniques.


Throughout Misha’s art career, she has worked with many different mediums; painting, live art, and sculpture. She defines her art by the vibrant visuals, breathtaking vivid colors, and optical movement.

Misha’s primary subject matter is emotion and is a very personal interpretation and biographical life story.

She has created a direct, emotional connection that is made aware to the viewer.

Empathy is a cultural pattern of human Existence, so passion, nostalgia, desire, and disgust are inevitable in her work because of her life’s journey as a ‘displaced person, after having left Serbia for London in her late teens. She still feels the emotion of being the ‘stranger ‘ as perceived by her world experiences as an outsider.

The structural balance of the sculptures refers to the intriguing shapes within nature and the environment around us.

One look at her mesmerizing pieces of artwork brings awareness to the artistry constructed within the sculptures’ bones, wowing the onlooker. The artistry is built within the bones of the statues, while the sculptures’ soul is expanding across all color lines.

The Shape of Colour will be presented as an exhibition in the Digital world, and within the gallery, Misha’s exhibition of the abstract structures will be her first solo show.

Misha is also preparing for her first drop on Snark. Art.

To book in advance to visit the gallery – reserve your appointment online.

Dellasposa Gallery will be opening the exhibition to the public on

Dellasposa Online: 10 March – 9 May 

Dellasposa Gallery: 13 April – 9 May 


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